3 Incredible Ways to Tie Your Scarf-A Hermes Scarf Knotting Guide

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The scarf is such a versatile item that may be draped or knotted in various fashionable styles. Halter tops, sarongs and French plaits are all easily achieved with a scarf. Shopkbloom stocks a variety of beautifully printed scarves for under $20. Hermes, the 1873 French luxury manufacturer provides a guide to tying a scarf in three easy ways. 


The Silk Tie


Silk tie hermes scarf card


The silk tie is a common scarf style and is great for the office or going out with girlfriends in the evening. Shifting the tie to the side can also showcase an incredible side bow. If you know how to tie a bow then this style is pretty easy to pick up on. Wrap the scarf around your neck and make a loose and comfortable knot around the neck. Make a bunny ear using the end of the scarf. The upper part of the scarf has to go over the first loop. Tuck the top of the scarf behind the first loop and voila!


Wild West Style


wild west hermes scarf card


If you are in the mood for a western theme then the Wild West scarf style is something right up your alley. Open up the scarf in the shape of a triangle and form equal loose ends on opposite ends of the fabric. Take both loose ends and form a loose and comfortable knot around your neck. The triangle shape should remain in the front. Take both loose ends and bring to the front. You can use a silver brooch or pin to tie the ends together.


Scarf Top


scarf top hermes scarf card


A scarf can be tied to look like a top. The scarf top is ideal for evening wear for a dinner date or a night out on the town. Take two scarves and tie both top ends together to form an open-top vest. Use both ends of the backend scarf and form a belt in the front of the top. 


Great Scarf Ideas


french plait scarf card


hermes scarf headband


sarong hermes scarf card

You can also braid a thin scarf into a French plait to complement a summer look. Scarves can also make great headbands. To create a headband, tie a knot in the middle of the scarf and slip it on. The scarf can also be used as a sarong or skirt and can be tied around the waist when on the beach.



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