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Over the last several years we have had a focus on teaching the children living at The Bloom Center to create. The children at The Bloom Center have learned to tap into their unique creative talents and have a passion for creating 'art' and they have made some amazing pieces.  

In celebration of the children's passion and talent shopkbloom will be offering handmade items by friends, family and Artisan crafts from around the world. We will be purchasing these crafts through a global wholesale company specializing in this area and other small companies who offer these gems.  We only work with companies who partner in Fair Trade. The artisan product sold here are from some of the poorest countries, made by people who are looking for an opportunity to achieve for themselves their families and their communities. Shopping out artisan catalog helps them achieve their dreams. Check out videos of some of the artisan's around the world who makes some of the products we are offering. 

We here at Watch These Kids Bloom believe it is important to support local artisan in the countries we are located and all over the world. We believe we were all created to be prosperous equipped with the skills and talent needed to blossom into the people God created us to be. We also believe it is important to support each other in our endeavors because we are also created for relationship and this means love, encouragement and support in any way we can provide to one another.

Our hope is to have a little something in our store for all of our supporters.  We are open to all ideas so don’t be shy and send us an email or complete a feedback form letting us know your area of interest.  If you yourself or know anyone who creates and sells their masterpieces and would like to be part of our family please let us know!



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