5 Essential Summer Scarves

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Shopkbloom stocks cotton scarves, an essential summer item, at an affordable price under $20. The scarves are soft and light with unique prints. The origin of the scarf dates back to 1350 BC., with Queen Nefertiti, who donned a scarf under an elaborate headdress. The scarf was used to mark military ranks under the influence of the Chinese Emperor Cheng; higher-ranking military members wore silk scarves and lower-ranking military members wore cotton scarves. In 1261, scarves were worn on the hips of Egyptian belly dancers. The first knit scarf was designed in 1783 by The Duke of Krakow. The French high fashion manufacturer, Hermes, founded in 1837 is known to manufacture high-end silk scarves with graphic prints. The hand-rolled silk edge Pegase Pop Scarf designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko is light with an iconic Pegasus printed on the square fabric. Burberry, founded in 1856, gave rise to its acclaimed plaid cashmere scarves. In 1930, fur scarves became popularized by the French. The scarf has taken revolutionary strides in the fashion industry based on its humble beginnings from a sweat cloth tied around one's waist.


              pegase popGuepards maxi twilly slimMaxi-twilly slim in silk twill 100% silk

            (Scarves from Hermes)

#5 Yellow Columns Cotton Scarf

Yellow Columns Design Cotton Scarf - Asha Handicrafts

A pattern of yellow columns runs throughout the cotton fabric along with colors of red and orange. The scarf is a product of Asha Handicrafts, a non-profit manufacturing body based in Mumbai that promotes fair trade practices and supports local artisans.


#4 Pink Circles Polyester Scarf


Pink Circles Polyester Scarf - Asha Handicrafts

Mosaics have a long history with early origins in Mesopotamia and grew in popularity during the classical period. A pink floral mosaic pattern runs throughout the fabric. This is another feminine product of Asha Handicrafts.


#3 Olive Polka Dots Cotton Scarf


Olive Polka Dots Cotton Scarf - Asha Handicrafts

Polka dots grew in popularity from as early as the 1920s; early traces of it were spotted on house and garden dresses. Polka dots, once associated with disease and death were considered taboo among westerners in medieval times. The dots were said to resemble smallpox. In African cultures, however, polka dots developed positive connotations of virility. The polka dot craze eventually grew from as early as 1840 and skyrocketed from the 1900s with the hit song, “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” attracting a loyal following of polka enthusiasts. Darker olive polka dots feature against a light, almost lime-green backdrop. This scarf should be combined with shades of light, pastel lime-green or darker shades of olive and a further option of white allowing the scarf to pop from the ensemble. 


#2 Olive Floral Cotton Scarf


Olive Floral Cotton Scarf - Asha Handicrafts

Cotton printing gave rise to floral prints. From the 12th century, China began embroidering floral and scenic designs on fabrics which lead to a following in Middle Eastern and other Asian countries. Floral prints became well known in Japan as displayed on the popular kimono. The combination of colors of mud-red and olive complement each other.  An olive floral print decorates the fabric. It’s ideal to match this item with darker hues of maroon or brown.


#1 White, Peach and Green Ikat Cotton Scarf


White,Peach and Green Ikat Cotton Scarf

This summer scarf is made by local artisans in India featuring complementary colors of white, peach and green. It would be ideal to pair the scarf with light-colored fabrics such as white or peach to showcase its beauty.



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