About Us

shopkbloom is an online store of Watch These Kids Bloom, Inc. a 501c(3).

Our mission is not about product but people. Shopping from our catalog will help orphaned and neglected children in addition to assisting people in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty through their dedication and talent to create.

shopkbloom online opened on January 1, 2018 which begins the 7th year of this amazing journey. Watch These Kids Bloom was founded in 2012 by Janet Green and incorporated as a 501c (3) in February 2014 and that same year co-founder Kurt Swart joined the mission. Then on November 2, 2015 we broke ground and began construction of The Bloom Center. The Bloom Center was complete and the children moved in on May 31, 2016. The second year anniversary of the move in is just around the corner and we are excited about the future. If you are interested to learn more about us and our mission please visit our website Watch These Kids Bloom, Inc. or Our Story.

We consider our supporters part of our extended family. The Founder of Watch These Kids Bloom has a heart to connect on a personal level with all supporters because when you support a mission it comes from the heart. We believe that when you support our mission it gives you an opportunity to plant seeds for many generations to come, not only in your life but also the lives of thousands of others. Staying connected and keeping our supporters informed is a top priority for us.  We enjoy sharing the children's lives through social media, photos, emails, letters (now also known as blogs) chat, online video chats of all forms. We want you to see your investment grow and our children are blooming before our eyes. 

We believe every single person has a heart to give although each person's way of giving does not always look the same. Therefore, we are working hard to offer many ways for you to become involved to help make a difference.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

1) Pray for us!  We are a praying family and organization.  We all know we would not be where we are today if it was not for answered prayers.

2) Shop!  All proceeds from shopkbloom go directly back to supporting the orphaned and neglected children living at The Bloom Center. Also, purchasing from our Artisan catalog helps even more people around the world live a better life making a living at their trade.

3) Feedback - Help us make your online shopping experience even better.  We will continue to bring you the most quality for a reasonable price. Once you have had time to experience our store please do not hesitate to complete a feedback form to help us bring you an amazing experience through product and service.

4) Child Sponsorship - This is a new area for us so look for more updates on the program throughout the year.  Currently, sponsoring a child means you are making a cash donation that will go towards helping the number of children for the length of time you have chosen. We are looking forward to making this offering more personal and provide direct communication with the children at The Bloom Center. We have thirty (30) children living at The Bloom Center. It costs $100 per month to take care of one child - the $100 covers their housing, food, clean drinking water, clothing, medical, dental care and education. If you are interested in being a part of this growing program, please visit the Sponsor a Child part of our catalog.

5) General Donation - This means making a cash donation that goes directly to helping the children at The Bloom Center in any area necessary. Like in any family the children have many needs and our budget continually increases. Giving a general donation helps cover the cost per month of the children but it also allows us to cover all the other areas it takes to run the center. If you are interested in making a general donation, please visit our main website.

6) Donation of Goods - We are working on building up the Thrift area of shopkbloom to offer like new products at reasonable prices. Your donation of goods when sold will help support the children living at the center.  

7) Precious handmade crafts - We are in the process of working with partners to carry handmade home decor and are excited to expand our Artisan catalog to include these personal gems for your enjoyment. Look for more to come as we begin to roll out the production this year.

8) Pen Pal Program - The children at The Bloom Center enjoy and cherish letters from people who love them and want to be a part of their journey.  If you know of any children who would like to become pen pals with our children please check our our Pen Pal Program to get involved and connect.  We also have adults who enjoy corresponding with the children and we encourage this level of participation because it gives the children an opportunity to become familiar with our supporters at any age.

Thank you for your heart to join us in this mission.  Please do not hesitate to contact Janet Green with any questions or if you are interested in getting involved.  Janet can be contacted at janet@kbloom.org

Happy Shopping!