• $15.99

These Earth Bracelets are handmade by women in Guatemala using wax threads and glass and metal beads.

  • Wax thread, beads
  • Loop & Button closure Bracelets: 8”L x 3/8W, Adjustable Bracelets: Up to 4” diameter


In rural Guatemala, women too often find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty. Kiej de los Bosques, a company founded in 2004, aims to end this cycle of poverty, and in its place establish a “cycle of prosperity.” Kiej de los Bosques envisions a world in which communities from around the globe can unite by sharing their stories through their artisan work. Over the last decade, Kiej de los Bosques has employed an ever-growing number of women artisans, who have been able to provide for themselves and their families; build their communities; and feel optimistic about the future. Recently, Kiej de los Bosques has grown, expanding its work into Panama, where it hopes to reach new markets and artisan groups.